El Deafo by Cece Bell


I loved El Deafo! It was an adorable look into something tough. The book starts out with a 4-year-old bunny getting a spinal tap and finding out she has meningitis (OMG). 😥 But what follows that is something so inspiring and funny, as a reader I trusted Cece and knew that I wouldn’t be heartbroken or disappointed.

This graphic novel follows Cece, the author, throughout her elementary years. Cece transforms into El Deafo in her mind, but in real life something embarrassing is usually happening. Cece tries to find a best friend, but Martha, the best candidate, is scared that she will hurt Cece and possible make her blind when she is already deaf. What sweet bunnies!

This is a unique book that I don’t think I will find again. I loved that it was based on the author’s own experiences, rather than what a hearing person thinks a deaf person lives through. I especially loved the way that we get to “hear” what Cece hears with and without her hearing aid! El Deafo offers a unique perspective on hearing loss that is funny and sweet.

In the end, friendship prevails and El Deafo finds her sidekick ❤

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