Liars rescue best friends

Liar & Spy – I loved this book! However, I think I prefer Stead’s other books. This one is also a mystery and characters are preteens in NYC. I think the theme in her books is that everyone has secrets, and ordinary lives are not what they seem.

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp – Kathi Appelt’s forte is animal stories and dialects. She did a good job here and the raccoon brothers were cute! It would be a great study of personification.

Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever – The format of this book is like a mix of comics, early readers, and picture book. Best friends are silly, they sometimes don’t make sense, and that is all perfectly okay because they are best friends ❤

Mercy Watson to the Rescue – I love DiCamillo and when I found out she wrote a series about a pig I definitely had to read it. It was strange and I think if I had read it when I was 8 years old I would love it. Piggies forever!

All the Light We Cannot See – I don’t read very many adult novels but made an exception for this one because the reviews were amazing. I found it hard to get through the book because it was so descriptive, and I’m not sure what the action was. However, it is obviously a well thought out book and there are many examples of human strength in Doerr’s WWII story.

Grand plans

The Tail of Emily Windsnap – A mermaid story that turns some of the mermaid tropes on its head! In it, the dad is a merman and the mom is human. Emily thought she couldn’t swim but once she is in the water she turns into a mermaid!

The Grand Plan to Fix Everything – I loved this book! It’s like a Bollywood story + a middle grade novel. So much fun and action! It has everything and is truly “grand.” 🙂

When the Sea Turned to Silver – Grace Lin is a master writer, illustrator, and storyteller!!! This is her masterpiece. The conclusion of the trilogy is the best. Minli is the grandma!!! Everything has come full circle and Pinmei goes on a gran journey. The series is a testament to the power of stories, peace, and how to find what we are looking for in life.

Listen, Slowly – Thanhha Lai is a good writer. There are not many children/young adult books on Vietnamese Americans, and I’m glad Thanhha Lai is writing them (there are only 2 so far and I want more!) Mai is very realistic as a Laguna Beach girl who has to go to Vietnam to fulfill her grandma’s wish to find her missing husband. I loved her adventures in Vietnam !

Eleanor & Park – I had heard how great this book is, but I just cannot seem to get into Rainbow Rowell. It feels kind of racist to me. Eleanor and Park didn’t feel like real people to me, they seemed like movie characters. So I did not finish this book even though I gave it about 70 pages or so. :/