Real fantasies

Star wars: Jedi Academy – I’ve seen these Star Wars diary/graphic novels around and I decided to pick one up because it does seem cute. It’s like baby Star Wars! This was fun because it’s a Jedi when he is in middle school. A fun read.

The Grimm Conclusion – I liked The Inquisitor’s Tale and I like the Grimm series too. It’s gory, gruesome, and awesome!!!!! Fairy tales come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, don’t they?

Just Grace, Star on Stage – I think of it as the girl version of Alvin Ho. I get a glimpse into the lives and concerns of an elementary school student 😛

Full of Beans – Jennifer Holm does a good job with voice, tone, and characters in her stories. The kid here has a lot of verve and snap! (Wow I sound like a salesman here.)

Amazing girls & strong boys

The Princess in Black and the Mysterious Playdate – As usual this was a fun romp in the life of Princess Magnolia/Princess in Black. I just loooove Princess Sneezewort!!! I want her to have her own book.

River Secrets – This is kind of special to me because I read it in Vegas over Thanksgiving break after a break up 😥 So I had a hard time getting through the book. But I loved Razo in this story. I want a boyfriend like Razo! 😛 You will have to read the book to find out why.

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Birthday Parties, Science Projects, and Other Man-Made Catastrophes – I just might read this whole series because Alvin Ho sounds like many of the students I see in elementary schools.

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: Volume One – I wanted to read this because it’s one of the first books my sister Lillian showed me back in like 2000. It features a girl who collects calendars! It brings me back to my middle school days.