Venture out

Many Waters – The fourth book in the quintet fell short. While I like that this book is about the twins, it didn’t feel like a strong story. I like that it transported Sandy and Dennys to the biblical times, and made the characters real rather than just names in the Bible. However, it felt like things just happened to Sandy and Dennys, and they were not active. It didn’t feel like the characters had a lot of agency in this story.

First Light – I enjoyed reading this book! It’s different from Rebecca Stead’s other young adult mysteries. It describes a world underground (under ice?) called Gracehope. She is really an excellent writer and her stories are very tightly knit.

As Brave as You – Jason Reynolds is such a good storyteller too! I added this one to my favorites. I loved Little Wood and his brother Ernie. I loved the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and how real they felt in this book. It’s not always a dramatic story with someone dying or moving far away. Regret and mistakes can manifest themselves in small ways like a broken toy fire truck or drinking late at night. 😥 I really loved this story.