Overcoming roller coasters!

Today I overcame one of my fears! I went to Knott’s Berry Farm by myself. I have wanted to go for a while ever since I went with my then boyfriend Ray last spring. I felt bad that because I was scared or had bad experiences, I didn’t want to go on a ride with him. (It was Supreme Scream.) Since then, I pass by the park on my way to work and back every day. The tall drop tower seems to remind me that fear of heights and roller coasters is something I need to overcome.

Well, today I did it!!! I thought that going to a theme park by myself would be strange or boring, but it turned out fine. Weirdly, I’ve seen my former students there the last two times I went. That also brought up other emotions that are hard to explain. Maybe in the future I will explain it. Anyway, I rode the rides in this order:

  1. Silver Bullet
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. La Revolucion
  4. Pirate Ship
  5. Supreme Scream (twice!)
  6. Silver Bullet

The whole time I was thinking, I need to go on Supreme Scream, I need to. This is the ride that I came to overcome and redeem myself! I think I can do it now. But after I rode it I did feel kind of dizzy. Well, now that I have a season pass I can go as often as I want, and it’s pretty close! I just might become a theme park addict. Maybe someday I will be able to tackle the rides at Six Flags.

Here is to a year of overcoming your fears, wrestling with insecurities, and honoring yourself and what is important to you.