A new skill I’d like to learn

A new skill I’d like to learn is negotiating. I came up on this book called “Good Girl’s Guide to Negotiating” yesterday in a box of old books being given away. I took it right away because I thought that is something I could use (not because I am a good girl.) It’s because I’ve been finding myself in these undesirable situations at work, and I know it’s not right.

I want to know how to get out of them and not be in a bad situation in the first place!

It’s hard to negotiate because as the new person at work, I want to satisfy people instead of being needy. I’ve had poor experiences speaking up at a previous job, and unfortunately in a lot of cases you get punished for speaking up. (I am still paying dearly for it 😦 )That’s why I’d like to learn to ask for what I want/need in a way that other people can live with too. I’m sure it’s a skill I need in my work and personal life. It’s like in Princess Academy! Miri was negotiating for the royal cousins and her hometown, so she could help them.

I can think of it as a skill that helps me. It’s just the next level of speaking and listening! 🙂