January is over!

January is over!

At the beginning of this year I made four resolutions:

  1. Do not buy any more clothes
  2. Do not add to to-do or to-read list until I’m done
  3. Save 90% of paycheck/month
  4. Stretch every day

I did well one goal (1) because I didn’t buy anything! I did spend a lot on Spotify, Starbucks, gas, and random snacks cuz I commute every day 😦 . I definitely failed on goal (2) because my to-do and to-read list is always growing. But the spirit to not add tasks for myself is there.

I think I just about meet my goal of saving 90% of my paycheck a month because I’m living at home and not spending a whole lot on rent!!! That is wonderful. I can do better about stretching every day though. It’s bad because I get lazy and just want to go to sleep. The story of my life right now is waking up at 5am and never sleeping enough 😥 .

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