1. Slider by Pete Hautman – I loved this book! πŸ”πŸŒ­πŸ• I definitely have never read a book about competitive eating before. I found myself cheering for David as a middle child who is not good at anything except eating. I loved the relationship with his sister and brother too. The competitive eating part is a little bit unsettling but the story is awesome.

2. The Year of the Book by Andrea Cheng – This whole series is basically my story. I love books, babies, and fortune cookies. I love going to China. I loved all the references to books! It’s so cozy and reminds me ofPacy Lin’s stories too. And the illustrations are lovely. This year has been the year of the book for me as well.

3. The Year of the Baby by Andrea Cheng – Basically a book about me and Isla. I loved the science project about babies! I am a baby lover and it is so sweet to read about a new baby sister <3.

4. The Year of the Fortune Cookie by Andrea Cheng – I loved this book because of the friendships and Anna going to China for the first time. I loved that her teacher adopted a baby!

(The 5th book being there because it fits into the cozy yellow covers of the other ones <3)

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