Spring fever

I have a fever right now and it is miserable! 😥

I am getting hot and cold flashes and stressful dreams. My airways are clogged with mucus. I have trouble breathing and am wheezing at night.

Image result for pusheen sick

This is exactly how I feel! I think a substitute who had to do my job a day said it best — “it’s not healthy for anybody.” It’s becoming apparent that I can’t wake up at 5, sit in traffic for an hour, go to school and run around all day, then sit in 2 hours of traffic to come home, 5 days a week, and be a healthy person.

I really was a huge babo when I signed up for this job 😥 But I have about a month left of it so I need to hang in there.

P.S. I can’t wait to use this computer for fun stuff such as drawing, making projects, or working on creative lessons! When this job ends I won’t have to use it just for work anymore. 🙂


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