Love of Raymie Nightingale

img_0458This book holds a special place in my heart. Of the books I’ve read this past month Raymie Nightingale is my favorite. It is my type of book for the following reasons:

1. I love Kate DiCamillo’s writing. I like simple but unique prose.

2. I read novels, fiction, and mostly middle grade books. Middle grade books just appeal to me the most.

3. I love the characters in this book. Raymie, Louisiana, and Beverly were such a treat.

4. I’m introspective and I loved this book’s theme about struggling with yourself and finding a way out of it.

I related to Raymie. She wants her dad back and she can feel her soul shrinking and expanding. Sometimes things are just the way they are– unfortunate. Whether you are a kid or an adult, people will fail you. Although, I can imagine how much more disappointing it would be as a kid to learn that adults are flawed.

Speaking of adults, the adults in this novel were wacky but fun to read.

DiCamillo did a great job of touching upon some serious themes in a gentle way. Raymie dealt with her dad running away with a dental hygienist, while Louisiana and her grandma were hiding from CPS or foster care. Beverly’s parents were a former beauty queen and a New York City cop. Even though it is unlikely that three unfortunate girls would meet and become friends, I loved that the book brought them together. From my description you would think that their lives are a drag to read but DiCamillo wrote them in such a charming way. Their misfortunes did not define them and perhaps that is the message of the story.

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