Chrysanthemum by Levin Henkes

Two teacher friends recommended Chrysanthemum to me and I’m so glad they did! It’s a must-read for kids. I’ll definitely read it to my kindergarteners next year. It’s perfect to read to kids because there is a problem and solution, protagonist and antagonist, and it teaches them about being confident in who you are.

I relate to Chrysanthemum (the mouse in the story) because I think my name is weird too. I’ve wished for another name yoo because I don’t like how Yvonne sounds or looks on paper. But as with anything unusual about yourself, the best thing to do is to own it. Of course it’s very affirming when another person shares that unusual trait with you or likes it! We could all use Chrysanthemum’s music teacher in our lives.

5 stars. I love this book! 🐭💕👍

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