Challenger Deep


Challenger Deep has been on my to-read list since last year because it appears on my YA recommendations, and I finally got a hold of it. It’s now on my favorite YA list. It is such a special novel in the way it’s told, between reality and imagination. But what makes it most special is that it is super personal. It’s one thing to read about a mental illness and mentally ill character, but really difficult to empathize with the complexities. Sometimes you are well and closer to reality, and other times you are diving into the deep end. Neal Shusterman does such a phenomenal job capturing that. My favorite part of the book is the relationship between Callie/Caliope and Caden. I took a picture of my favorite passage between these two:

Everything Everything – I love Nicola Yoon’s writing! It’s so unique and interesting. I loved The Sun is Also a Star and I loved this one too. My favorite scene here is when they went to Hawaii! More, please ❤

Matilda – I did not finish my favorite Roald Dahl book in Chinese, unfortunately, because I’m not there yet. I am a reader just like Matilda.

The Panda and Dog Encyclopedia I actually did finish these 2 books! Reading nonfiction and about animals in particular are a good way to study a target language. Animals are universal.