TLT Food – Irvine, CA

Happy Taco Tuesday! I went to TLT to get Chimi Noodle Bowl with pork belly. Yum! I like Brussel sprouts and the sides from here. This is basically seasoned udon with a meat of your choice. I think I could make something like this if I knew what kind of seasoning was in it. It really hit the spot today. Here is to celebrate my last day of summer.

TLT @ Irvine Spectrum

Chimi noodle bowl – $10

Rice dome

Rice Dome

The second recipe I tried is also from Cookat (I just love simple videos. It makes it feel like I can cook anything in under 15-20 minutes.) It’s a rice dome! Technically, it should be runny egg yolk on top of mozarella instead of a fried egg on top. I didn’t have mozarella so I just did a fried egg. Same look different taste!

The rice dome!
All scrambled, dig in

Trials & errors

New coaster sensations of 2018

I talked with Leslie, a veteran kindergarten teacher of 24 years, today! She is a friend of my HS English teacher Mrs. Sorey. Here is the gist of what she shared with me:

Oh my pleasure honey! I honestly wish I had had someone share their words of wisdom with me…. but thru persistence & trial & error I learned:


Firm, fair & consist

Expect a lot and they will perform

Let them know you careabout(love)them.

It is very much the message I get from the teachers who’ve been most impactful on me: Elaine (my coworker at IHCS), Roger (my college professor), Stephanie and Phil (my master teachers). I haven’t had in-depth conversations with a lot of teachers, but I am sure that’s what they would say to me too. Claudia, Laurene, Krystin, Ruijie, Glenn, and many other teachers. (In just 3 years, 1 student teaching and 2 contract teaching) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting soooo many different teachers and working with many different populations. It makes me realize just how difficult teaching in America is. Teaching in a pluralistic society is so much more challenging than I ever imagined it would be. My past 2 years have opened my eyes to that. Through teaching, I’ve encountered more people than I ever would have in an office job, and I’m really thankful for that.

Because of, I’m interested in the relationship between teacher and students. Teaching is 90% classroom management, and relationships are a huge part of that. The recurring message I’ve gotten is that classroom management consists of:



Practice and procedures

It really is not a clip chart, treasure chest, PBIS or consequences. I technically had all of those things in my class when I was at IHCS, and if anything they made me a less effective teacher. I think this is where the art of teaching comes in, and where it’s not just a science. The past 2 years I was looking for directions where if you do x, y and z, then your classroom will be orderly and students will behave. It totally doesn’t work like that! I learned that it’s the fine art of:

Tone when you are talking to students

Building a classroom community

Building on your own lightbulb moments

Supporting each other (teacher to teacher, and teacher to student)

Feeling safe and comfortable so we can learn

Using tools and routines to help you

There aren’t tokens for those things. I really feel that good teachers should run the country rather than Donald Trump. There are so many interpersonal and organizational skills needed to be a good teacher. I truly believe that being a good teacher means being a good person. Don’t you wish that more people in our world were firm, fair, consistent, and loving? I love teaching and yoga because of that! ❤

My dream career and life ^

Mama K’s – Stanton, CA

I make a point to come to this restaurant before or after going to Knott’s Berry Farm. It is just 2 miles and 8 minutes away on Beach Blvd. I love the unassuming decor and how friendly the staff are. My favorite type of restaurants are just like this! Mama K’s is a Vietnamese place I recommend coming when you are in the Buena Park area. You can get a filling meal under $10.
My fav is combo fried rice and soup!

Plenty of seating and quiet

My type of decor.. plants and simple! Like a living room in a house

My inspirations

Classroom Lessons from Mom – Kindergarten Smorgasboard

I love Mr. Greg and he’s become my latest role model in teaching. I love his philosophy and it’s so encouraging to see a teacher being fearless in teaching, esepcially since he is not the typical kindergarten teacher. (I also feel that I am not the typical kinder teacher, so it’s extra encouraging to me.) Thank you for opening your classroom and teaching to the world, Mr. Greg.

Gemini – 태연

I love Taeyeon’s singing! I love her evolution as a singer and I’ve always been inspired by her somehow, whether it’s cutting my hair short or being more open and taking chances. Thank you for singing so truthfully and continuing to change and mature.

Bao – Domee Shi

I looooove Chinese bakeries and baos! And I love how Domee Shi has stuck to her “weird idea” and shown the world something that means a lot to her. I love certain aspects of Chinese-American culture and I think this is a perfect example of it. I also love Grace Lin’s work.

10 favorite books – Ottessa Moshfegh

Wow she is such a fascinating writer! I only heard about her lately and I can’t wait to read her work. Ottessa Moshfegh is such a beautiful name. I love the way she compliments other authors in this article.

Being a teacher pt. 2

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of thinking, browsing, and reading about teaching. I finally started to put it down on paper / Google Docs. I worked on my classroom management plan.

I am obssessed with class management because I’m terrible at it. I told my friend that it’s a matter of survival for me– I’ve picked teaching as my career, and I’m not naturally authoritative or good at disciplining, so to survive (literally, to keep a job in order to live), I need to get good at classroom management.

Luckily, there are more classroom management resources out there than I could ever digest in a lifetime.

Good ones that I cam acoss today:

What Is Classroom Management? – A teacher once told me her mentor teacher told her that “Teaching is 90% classroom management.” Without it, no learning can occur. But it is SOOOO much more than just being strict or having students do what you say out of fear. More honest people have told me that I’m soft spoken, smile too much, and am passive, so I realized pretty early that presence and an authoritative vibe wasn’t going to take care of classroom management for me like some of the old school teachers I’ve had. (You know.. the teachers with a reputation.) I would have to work at classroom management and put in more effort to craft this teaching persona and develop ways of running my classroom. It really is “running a class,” just like how a manager runs his store/restaurant/team.

Making Your Classroom More Like a Grocery Store – Bringing me to this next point — I love what this teacher said about making your classroom like a store!!!!!! My whole “thesis” about teaching is “Helping kids become adults,” so this makes perfect sense to me. As a manager, I am training little customers and employees. Instead of groceries, I’m selling knowledge and training them on basic skills. I especially love what he said about tricking customers into buying more than they came for– our business as teachers is to take the students who come in daydreaming and disengaged, and do our thing so that they leave the classroom at the end of the day with much more than they thought they would. Stores have a million ways to trick us into buying and so do teachers! We have our signs (anchor charts), music (songs), inventory (supplies) and most importantly customer service (ourselves) to make that happen. I’m fulfilling my dream of running my own store. (Fav store manager = Rei from Minamoto Kitchoan.)

Classroom Procedures That Build Character – This also goes along with my teaching thesis. I want to help kids become adults with good character– basically, adults that I’d like more of in society. Some might argue that this is my personal biased agenda but it is not. Objectively, we want people who are helpful, kind, have integrity, and can support their claims with reasoning. This is more important than ever in the world we live in today. That’s why it’s super important to me that students are practicing content as well as behavior every day. And yes, it’s a practice because we all make mistakes, we are all practicing, just like in yoga.

9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management – I love videos on the Teaching Channel!!!! It really brings all the theories to life. I love seeing new and veteran teachers in action. I will be reviewing more videos soon.


I really love relaxing… so much that I paid $25 to go to a sauna! It’s ISpa in Irvine. I love the place so much. You first take a shower/bath, then there are different rooms you can go to. There’s the Fire Room, Ice Room, Forest Room, Salt Room, and Red Clay Room. Its my favorite!!!!! This is what the rooms look like from the outside. (I love all the rooms. Can’t pick a favorite.)

This is what they look like from the inside: The salt room is super hot and you lay on a canvas on top of salt, the ice room is obviously like being inside a freezer, the clay room has these satchels with herbs in it and it’s super warm, and the fire room is super calming! I just didn’t get a picture of the forest room but it looks like a cabin.

I recommend everyone to go to unwind! It feels great to sweat a lot and it feels like you are losing weight too, hehe. There is also a food court inside.

ISpa – 2332 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine ($25 admission)