Beachwalk @ Knott’s

I finally went to Knott’s again! My favorite area is the Beachwalk area with HangTime, Wipeout, Surfside Glider and all of the surfing themed rides. The palm trees and yellow, blue, and coral color schemes are the best. I also finally went on Supreme Scream again, twice!!!!! I am on a mission to go on all of the rides.

(It is still super scary to me but I think the more I go on it, the less scary it will become. It is like drawing blood. It still hurts every time, but it becomes less scary. I actually have a deep personal reason for going on the ride, and to me, it relates to empathizing with students on the first day of school, and overcoming your fears and anxieties in a variety of ways. Thank you theme parks for offering safe and scary sensations for us!)

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