I loved all of these books. I love the Magic Tree House: Titanic pairing. I think it’s such a great series for readers of all ages, and it’s so informational too! The Titanic is a great story to teach, whether the fictional or nonfictional version. I love natural and manmade disasters! That was probably my favorite theme that I taught during student teaching. Love the Magic Tree House.

I love Stargirl. She is like Ellie from Up, someone who we would all be lucky to have in our lives because of how passionate and full of light they are. It’s a great love story and feels timeless. It doesn’t matter what she wears, what her real name is, or what she actually does. The most important thing about Stargirl is that she lives life unafraid and boldly. She has flaws just like everyone else. I think we would all feel a little more free to be ourselves if there were more Stargirls in the world. (Oops I totally had to look up the name of the narrator.. his name is Leo and Stargirl’s name is Susan.)

One good thing about this summer is that I am catching up on the books on my to-read list.. the original ones!!! It feels really great. I guess that’s one of the simplest ways to cut down on my to-do list because the other things are harder. Reading is one of my favforms of procrastination and the other is sleeping! Lol. I finally read Counting by 7s and The Spiderwick ChroniclesI love easy reads and good stories <3.

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