I really love relaxing… so much that I paid $25 to go to a sauna! It’s ISpa in Irvine. I love the place so much. You first take a shower/bath, then there are different rooms you can go to. There’s the Fire Room, Ice Room, Forest Room, Salt Room, and Red Clay Room. Its my favorite!!!!! This is what the rooms look like from the outside. (I love all the rooms. Can’t pick a favorite.)

This is what they look like from the inside: The salt room is super hot and you lay on a canvas on top of salt, the ice room is obviously like being inside a freezer, the clay room has these satchels with herbs in it and it’s super warm, and the fire room is super calming! I just didn’t get a picture of the forest room but it looks like a cabin.

I recommend everyone to go to unwind! It feels great to sweat a lot and it feels like you are losing weight too, hehe. There is also a food court inside.

ISpa – 2332 Barranca Pkwy, Irvine ($25 admission)

Laguna Beach

There is a free shuttle that takes you from a parking lot near my house to Laguna Beach this summer. It is great! I went there with my parents and niece over the weekend. We went around 6pm and came back around 9. Since driving and parking can be a pain when you go to the beach, this was a great service that many people take advantage of during the summer months.

I wanted to take pictures of the beach at different points of the evening.

Regular people and regular cars doing regular beach things

The last 2 are gifs I made with the LINE app!!! I think that will be my new favorite function 🙂 . My arms are too short for selfies.

The other really great part of Laguna Beach is a gelato shop! It has rock star-themed flavors. I ended getting a Funfetti waffle cone with peanut, Nutella, and strawberry flavors. Yummy!

Gelato Dolce – 247 Broadway St, Laguna Beach

Summer Bus Service – free 11am – midnight