Laguna Beach

There is a free shuttle that takes you from a parking lot near my house to Laguna Beach this summer. It is great! I went there with my parents and niece over the weekend. We went around 6pm and came back around 9. Since driving and parking can be a pain when you go to the beach, this was a great service that many people take advantage of during the summer months.

I wanted to take pictures of the beach at different points of the evening.

Regular people and regular cars doing regular beach things

The last 2 are gifs I made with the LINE app!!! I think that will be my new favorite function 🙂 . My arms are too short for selfies.

The other really great part of Laguna Beach is a gelato shop! It has rock star-themed flavors. I ended getting a Funfetti waffle cone with peanut, Nutella, and strawberry flavors. Yummy!

Gelato Dolce – 247 Broadway St, Laguna Beach

Summer Bus Service – free 11am – midnight

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