Being a teacher pt. 2

Lately I’ve been doing a ton of thinking, browsing, and reading about teaching. I finally started to put it down on paper / Google Docs. I worked on my classroom management plan.

I am obssessed with class management because I’m terrible at it. I told my friend that it’s a matter of survival for me– I’ve picked teaching as my career, and I’m not naturally authoritative or good at disciplining, so to survive (literally, to keep a job in order to live), I need to get good at classroom management.

Luckily, there are more classroom management resources out there than I could ever digest in a lifetime.

Good ones that I cam acoss today:

What Is Classroom Management? – A teacher once told me her mentor teacher told her that “Teaching is 90% classroom management.” Without it, no learning can occur. But it is SOOOO much more than just being strict or having students do what you say out of fear. More honest people have told me that I’m soft spoken, smile too much, and am passive, so I realized pretty early that presence and an authoritative vibe wasn’t going to take care of classroom management for me like some of the old school teachers I’ve had. (You know.. the teachers with a reputation.) I would have to work at classroom management and put in more effort to craft this teaching persona and develop ways of running my classroom. It really is “running a class,” just like how a manager runs his store/restaurant/team.

Making Your Classroom More Like a Grocery Store – Bringing me to this next point — I love what this teacher said about making your classroom like a store!!!!!! My whole “thesis” about teaching is “Helping kids become adults,” so this makes perfect sense to me. As a manager, I am training little customers and employees. Instead of groceries, I’m selling knowledge and training them on basic skills. I especially love what he said about tricking customers into buying more than they came for– our business as teachers is to take the students who come in daydreaming and disengaged, and do our thing so that they leave the classroom at the end of the day with much more than they thought they would. Stores have a million ways to trick us into buying and so do teachers! We have our signs (anchor charts), music (songs), inventory (supplies) and most importantly customer service (ourselves) to make that happen. I’m fulfilling my dream of running my own store. (Fav store manager = Rei from Minamoto Kitchoan.)

Classroom Procedures That Build Character – This also goes along with my teaching thesis. I want to help kids become adults with good character– basically, adults that I’d like more of in society. Some might argue that this is my personal biased agenda but it is not. Objectively, we want people who are helpful, kind, have integrity, and can support their claims with reasoning. This is more important than ever in the world we live in today. That’s why it’s super important to me that students are practicing content as well as behavior every day. And yes, it’s a practice because we all make mistakes, we are all practicing, just like in yoga.

9 Strategies for Effective Classroom Management – I love videos on the Teaching Channel!!!! It really brings all the theories to life. I love seeing new and veteran teachers in action. I will be reviewing more videos soon.