My inspirations

Classroom Lessons from Mom – Kindergarten Smorgasboard

I love Mr. Greg and he’s become my latest role model in teaching. I love his philosophy and it’s so encouraging to see a teacher being fearless in teaching, esepcially since he is not the typical kindergarten teacher. (I also feel that I am not the typical kinder teacher, so it’s extra encouraging to me.) Thank you for opening your classroom and teaching to the world, Mr. Greg.

Gemini – 태연

I love Taeyeon’s singing! I love her evolution as a singer and I’ve always been inspired by her somehow, whether it’s cutting my hair short or being more open and taking chances. Thank you for singing so truthfully and continuing to change and mature.

Bao – Domee Shi

I looooove Chinese bakeries and baos! And I love how Domee Shi has stuck to her “weird idea” and shown the world something that means a lot to her. I love certain aspects of Chinese-American culture and I think this is a perfect example of it. I also love Grace Lin’s work.

10 favorite books – Ottessa Moshfegh

Wow she is such a fascinating writer! I only heard about her lately and I can’t wait to read her work. Ottessa Moshfegh is such a beautiful name. I love the way she compliments other authors in this article.

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