Trials & errors

New coaster sensations of 2018

I talked with Leslie, a veteran kindergarten teacher of 24 years, today! She is a friend of my HS English teacher Mrs. Sorey. Here is the gist of what she shared with me:

Oh my pleasure honey! I honestly wish I had had someone share their words of wisdom with me…. but thru persistence & trial & error I learned:


Firm, fair & consist

Expect a lot and they will perform

Let them know you careabout(love)them.

It is very much the message I get from the teachers who’ve been most impactful on me: Elaine (my coworker at IHCS), Roger (my college professor), Stephanie and Phil (my master teachers). I haven’t had in-depth conversations with a lot of teachers, but I am sure that’s what they would say to me too. Claudia, Laurene, Krystin, Ruijie, Glenn, and many other teachers. (In just 3 years, 1 student teaching and 2 contract teaching) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting soooo many different teachers and working with many different populations. It makes me realize just how difficult teaching in America is. Teaching in a pluralistic society is so much more challenging than I ever imagined it would be. My past 2 years have opened my eyes to that. Through teaching, I’ve encountered more people than I ever would have in an office job, and I’m really thankful for that.

Because of, I’m interested in the relationship between teacher and students. Teaching is 90% classroom management, and relationships are a huge part of that. The recurring message I’ve gotten is that classroom management consists of:



Practice and procedures

It really is not a clip chart, treasure chest, PBIS or consequences. I technically had all of those things in my class when I was at IHCS, and if anything they made me a less effective teacher. I think this is where the art of teaching comes in, and where it’s not just a science. The past 2 years I was looking for directions where if you do x, y and z, then your classroom will be orderly and students will behave. It totally doesn’t work like that! I learned that it’s the fine art of:

Tone when you are talking to students

Building a classroom community

Building on your own lightbulb moments

Supporting each other (teacher to teacher, and teacher to student)

Feeling safe and comfortable so we can learn

Using tools and routines to help you

There aren’t tokens for those things. I really feel that good teachers should run the country rather than Donald Trump. There are so many interpersonal and organizational skills needed to be a good teacher. I truly believe that being a good teacher means being a good person. Don’t you wish that more people in our world were firm, fair, consistent, and loving? I love teaching and yoga because of that! ❤

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