TLT Food – Irvine, CA

Happy Taco Tuesday! I went to TLT to get Chimi Noodle Bowl with pork belly. Yum! I like Brussel sprouts and the sides from here. This is basically seasoned udon with a meat of your choice. I think I could make something like this if I knew what kind of seasoning was in it. It really hit the spot today. Here is to celebrate my last day of summer.

TLT @ Irvine Spectrum

Chimi noodle bowl – $10

Rice dome

Rice Dome

The second recipe I tried is also from Cookat (I just love simple videos. It makes it feel like I can cook anything in under 15-20 minutes.) It’s a rice dome! Technically, it should be runny egg yolk on top of mozarella instead of a fried egg on top. I didn’t have mozarella so I just did a fried egg. Same look different taste!

The rice dome!
All scrambled, dig in