I love every type of book!

I really love every single one of these books and they are all SO different! I will read anything! My reader self is growing 😊.

-Advice column – So glad I finally got the chance to read Dear Sugar. Relationships with our selves, families, friends, and romantic partners are endlessly fascinating to me. I think people are incredibly strong!

-Chick lit for tweens – I love chick lit and a summer/beach read. It’s fun! I love this series. I love sisterhood and the beach! Could there be more chick lit for tweens? Not quite romance and not quite MG. I am surprised there aren’t more books like this!

-Current/historical fiction – I think there should be a MG novel for current events so kids and adults can better understand it from a human point of view. There are real people with names, backgrounds, and prior lives. People are never just refugees, insurgents, or sympathizers. They are individuals and had fun and lives before whatever human or natural disaster befell them. How valuable it is to hear their story. I wish people in power took the time to speak and listen to even one person whose lives they are determining.

-Fantasy/fable – I had the read the sequel about the sweetest robot and her journey to reunite with her son! Fables are so comforting to read.

-Thriller – What a strange and disgusting book! I am so glad Ottessa Moshfegh is a published writer. As a reader, I’m happy to read unique voices and get to know characters who are more like me than might be expected. Eileen doesn’t shy away from anything.

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