I’m really super thankful for this break because it has been the best. I get to recover from my sickness and I also get to think about what I want to do. In particulat, I’ve thought about accepting my strengths and needs. When I became a teacher, I think I loved learning and I wanted the chance to bring Pinterest to life (don’t laugh! It sounds so naive now.) But now, I realize what I really wanted was probably to be a caretaker and volunteer, or parent. I love kids. All the students that I’ve had a hard time with (that’s like 70% of them, if not more), I would probably have no problem being in their company outside the classroom. I want to be nurturing and caring, but it doesn’t seem to help me. When I try to be strict or stern or whatever, it seems like I’m frustrated. All this is to say that…………………………..

I am happy I don’t have to be a classroom teacher anymore after June. I don’t have to hear anyone tell me to be “firm and consistent” or “establish expectations.” It’s so freeing to admit that teaching is not for me!!!!!!! At least teaching in a classroom. But I still really love children as people and my time as a teacher is not over yet!!!!!! I will volunteer or teach in my spare time. I think that is much more suitable for me. There are so many ways to teach such as in Sunday school, tutoring, extra curricular classes, volunteering. It is all pretty wonderful! I’m really glad for it.

I pray that in my remaining time as a classroom teacher, God gives me the strength and grace to teach these children. My students! I pray for grace, courage, and serenity. Thank you, thank you! I love you all.

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