Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I am so grateful for Sarah. She is the best principal I could’ve asked for. As Tammy said, she is a kind hearted woman. I hope I can be like that too. I am grateful for life because I am breathing and living. It takes a lot of effort.

I am grateful for the staff at Shelyn for sending me off in a beautiful way. I hope I can blossom as an individual. That’s the best way I know to honor this experience and the people who’ve helped me.

I am grateful for Gulu for keeping me company during this time. It has been really nice taking care of him and taking him on walks. It gets me out of the house. I love keeping him safe and getting him exercise too! It is healing for both of us. I love driving him around too.

I am grateful for new opportunities to grow and meet people. I love Ray! I think it has been 2 years since I met him. It’s strange but there are these before and after moments in your life. Like my life before and after teaching. My life before and after meeting Ray.

Then, there is the time during. My life during teaching. My life while Ray was with me. I guess I don’t know what my life after teaching will be, yet! Life after Ray has been, to be honest, confusing and hard, without a partner to support me. Yet, I think it’s valuable to test my own strength and see what I can make of myself.

I am proud of myself for being a reliable, strong, and independent young lady. I guess I won’t be young much longer! But, it is kind of exciting turning 30. I know things will get better and better. I am really very thankful that I am living!

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