New Year, same books

I have neglected my reading blog for too long! A lot has happened as you can tell by my ‘Dear Diary’ entries but the good news is that I now have a job where I get to read more than ever. I love it!!!! I have tbh never been a receptionist before but I realized it is like a vacation for me. I get to read in between when I have to work. It is simply the best and I am getting through (and adding) to my book list every day.

This is a batch of books I read during winter break/around the New Year. Don’t they have beautiful covers?? Sunny by Jason Reynolds is a hit like all of his books in the Track series, and lbr, all of his books. A reader on Goodreads said that this is like the ‘Louise Fitzhugh tribute’ of Jason Reynolds and I can see it. It is written in Dear Diary format and Sunny has an older, strange and magical lady for a mentor. I love you Sunny! Thanks for being weird and let’s keep being weird.

I loooved The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui. It was so painful, beautiful, and truthful, which is what the best memoirs are. It must’ve been hard giving birth to a book like this, and I imagine the writing and illustrating is hardly the most difficult part. It takes years to be able to face your family’s demons and get into ugly truths about your parents and your origin. Thi Bui did just that and the result is a book that shows how depths of an ordinary person’s life.

Every Shiny Thing was a joy to read. I can’t believe there aren’t more books about shoplifting. I really like the verse/prose and dual perspectives here, and this book was indeed written by two authors! It was a nice look into privilege and what it looks like between two white suburban kids who nonetheless live very differently and with different stakes. More books about shoplifting, please.

I DNF Teacher Man or I’ll Give You the Sun. I guess I really am done being a teacher because I can’t even read a book about a man who was a teacher, ha. I’ll Give You the Sun is a very stylish book but it is not my style.

Happy reading! I love you all.



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