My bread and butter books

Reading books is like wearing on clothes or going to a favorite restaurant. Or watching your favorite TV show. You choose what you like and more importantly for a creature of habit like me, you know what you like!!!! This batch of books describes what I like pretty well. I like middle grade books, some kind of fantasy or magic realism element, fun YA books, and books that take you to a different locale.

I liked The Dreamway by Lisa Papademetriou a lot! It reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth and Alice in Wonderland. A sidenote about this book: I go to Goodreads a lot to seek out books to read next and put them on a hold, but once in a while it’s good to judge a book by its cover and pick out an unknown book! This was that book for me when I went to the Garden Grove Library. It was a New book and it looked interesting. I’m glad I picked it!

On the other hand, What Elephants Know by Eric Dinerstein HAS been on my TBR list for a long time. I’m a bit of a Disney fan and I love that they publish books. This book about elephants set in Nepal was published by Disney and it was a unique story. First, I think elephants are magical and beautiful creatures. They definitely know things we don’t! They are so wise and peaceful. I love Nandu’s special connection to elephants and the research and personal experience that went into this book. Adding the sequel to my list!

I love contemporary YA too and Summer of Salt by Katrina Leno is one of them. A YA book not about romance but about sisterhood and female friendships? YES, PLEASE! To be honest I wasn’t sure what was driving the plot, but when I got to the end it all made sense. I love the slow build. Don’t let the cover fool you, this is not a beach or summery read at all. It is really about protection and strength.

I already talked about Love & Luck and Secrets of Worry Dolls but they belong in this pile because I just love those two books that much. I love stories about women and finding your true self. LOVE!!!!

What is your favorite genre/ what kind of books are always on your Currently Reading list?

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