Research projects


I’m very fortunate to be able to have a lot of downtime at my job (which is the opposite of teaching– ZERO downtime!) This is perfect for me because 1) I needed to recover from the chaos of teaching, 2) I love reading, and 3) I get to start pursuing the projects I’ve never forgotten about. By the way, I’m currently a receptionist. I’d like to think I’m a grown-up Mia Tang from Front Desk! One of these is little research projects.

I made a list of possible topics I’d like to research. Basically, these are just topics I want to know more about. I’ve always been interested in writing reports/mega-posts/Ted talks. But I don’t have an audience or purpose to talk about chickens or Hawaiian food. But now, I do have a purpose:

  • To practice informational writing
  • To practice research and fact-finding
  • To further knowledge in a topic

I wrote the topics I’d like to research on a little slip at work. I will be doing that from time to time. Other things on my To-Do list:

  • Organize the greeting cards and gifts I’ve received and write thank-you notes
  • Start spring cleaning and paring down my belongings (more on this later)
  • Start saving aggressively!!!!!!! I need to get some frozen meals from TJ’s
  • Start my mailing project

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