Rookie: Obsession & Up All Night

I’ve been a fan of Rookie Mag for several years now. I found out that they have 4 issues of Rookie Yearbooks, and I got them from the Library! It’s everything I wanted. It’s taken me a long time to read them because honestly, I just want to sit down and read them front to back like a book. It’s a visual feast and SO healing to read. It’s “for” teenage girls but it really is about making sense of the world and becoming yourself in it. Which applies to EVERYONE.

I’m on Rookie Yearbook One and I’ve only read 2 themes so far: Obsession and Up All Night. Some takeaways (The entire book is the website in print form, lucky us!):

  • How to Approach the Person You Like Without Throwing Up” by Amy Rose
    • Collect rejections like badges of honor. “The only way to stop fearing rejection is to have it happen and realize, whether it’s an hour or a week or a month afterward, that it didn’t kill you. In fact, you’re just fine.”
    • Just be honest. “So, go with whatever feels most natural to you.”
  • The Year of My Eating Disorder” by Charlotte S.
    • “My relationship with my parents has improved because I’m no longer lying to them. I’m doing better in school now that I can actually concentrate. I am counting down the months until May, when I can return to the CEDC as a recovery speaker.”
  • Bad Romance” by Sady
    • “It’s very hard to respond in a healthy way to an unhealthy situation. If someone wants to prove you are a mean or weak person, they’re going to do and say things that would cause any reasonable person to feel upset, so that they can watch you fall apart or lose your temper. So you need to have rules for what you will let yourself do or say, and you need to stick to them.

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