Gulu’s Guide to Eating Out

Welcome to the first issue of my guide to eating out! I’m not a James Beard anything but I do love eating out. It’s such a treat! My rules for eating out are:

  1. The food is something I think I will like.
  2. The price is budget-friendly! $5-$12 for singles, no more than $25 for AYCE.
  3. Bonus points for non-chain restaurants.

Here are some examples!

1. Lobsterdamus @ LA Smorgaburg / Lobster noodles! Pretty cool that they take fancy-eatin’, lobsters, and combine it with garlic noodles for a food stand affair at Smorgasburg. Who said you need cloth napkins and seating to eat lobster?


2. Spoon & Pork @ LA Smorgasburg / this was super yummy! My favorite sources of protein might just be fried egg and pork belly. This is “modern Filipino food” and I’m a fan. Also, jasmine rice can be the base for everything, please.img_2431.jpg

3. Mighty Bowl @ NYC / You might notice that I really love bowls. Mighty Bowl is basically pan-Asian Chipotle and pretty tasty! It made me wonder, if I had all these ingredients and prepped them (chopping, dicing, make them cook-ready) at home, perhaps I would never need to eat out… Once again I got pork belly as my protein. img_2315

4. Uji Time Dessert @ DTLA / I got tofu ice cream with kinako, or peanut powder and it was so good! It really does taste like tofu! Japanese flavoring is MAGIC. Tofu ice cream, yum. When it comes to ice cream, I lose my words.img_2433

5. Minus Celcius @ NYC / It was cool to see the mega-dessert / Frankenstein dessert trend taking place on the East Coast. I went with puff waffles, rolled ice cream, and fruity pebbles. You could be as extra as you like on these ice cream creations as you’ve surely seen on Instagram. The puff waffles are super chewy and good.  I had this in lieu of my birthday cake!img_2314

6. Ai Pono @ Costa Mesa / This is a really Hawaiian cafe! It’s hidden in an industrial kitchen near the airport in Costa Mesa. You get a bunch of food with each order but it is a tad more pricey than your poke joint. I had pesto chicken here! It was super tasty and I love green beans and the side of veggies. You’ll never be hungry after eating a Hawaiian meal.img_2268

7. Jan’s Health Bar @ Costa Mesa / Acai bowls have been a thing for years but it doesn’t get old because it’s pretty tasty. Trick me into eating fruits in the form of smoothie and shredded fruits, please! Coconut flakes optional.img_2267

Hope you enjoyed and found something you might like to try! More to come.

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