Small presses rule!

It’s been so much fun doing research for my Etsy shop. I love small presses/studios because their cards are unique, and I love whimsy! I found many inspiring shops today. Hopefully, I can join their ranks one day.

Here are a few small presses I have come across and loved:

  • Trendspotting @ Oh so beautiful paper – This is exactly what I was looking for! It might be fun to go back to some of the trends that have already passed, such as winking eyes. I still love them!
  • The Good Twin – I absolutely love her designs!
  • Pencil JoyThis card speaks to my life. I love their illustrations!
  • – I love their focus on mental health and joy.
  • Red Cap Cards – I love how they’re an artist collective.
  • Ramona & Ruth – Unique and minimalist cards based in Omaha, NE!
  • Odd Daughter Paper Co – I love this company! It really is perfect and unique.
  • Worthwhile Paper – I really love this too. I love simple and clean designs.
  • Our Heiday – I love that this was started by Asian-American sisters!

There are many business lessons to learn. For example:

  • Naming products – Simple is best.
  • Pricing products – It must be valuable to customers.
  • Writing product descriptions – Again, simple may be best.
  • Making it easy for shoppers – Menus, bundles, etc.
  • Categorizing products – It’s all about occasions and seasons!
  • Offering choices and variety – The more the better. I believe in custom designs.
  • Offering compelling design – There were times I saw a card, such as the book case one, and I immediately wanted it! I want people to have the same experience when shopping at my store.

This is such a great project and learning experience for me!

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