Excellent books with female protagonists!

The really cool thing about these books is that they show change in women over time. They could all be classified as women’s fiction! 🙂

Convenience Store Woman is particularly wonderful. One reviewer described it like a stage play and it makes sense. It’s a hyper-detailed description of a convenience store worker who has been there for 18 years!!!!! She’s at the age where people are asking her why she’s not married and doesn’t have a career. I would have to say the most disappointing part of the book was when it looked like she would get settle and finally get a real career job, However! Spoiler Alert: She actually realizes that the Convenience Store is where she belongs, and chooses to embrace the life she HAS been living all this time. That definitely felt like a victory.

I loved What the Night Sings by Vesper Stamper, for both the illustrations and the story. It’s about Gerta, a Holocaust survivor and the three years between the end of the war and the next chapter of her life. She meets Lev, a fellow survivor who wants to marry her to start a new life. However, Gerta refuses because 1) she is initially in love with this other survivor, Michah, who is a Zionist and kind of awful and 2) she doesn’t see the point in doing anything permanent. However (and nevertheless), they do get married. It seems that Gerta does find herself and can picture a new life unfolding, which may be the greatest victory of all.

I LOVE THE CILLA LEE-JENKINS series. I actually met the author Susan Tan, at Kweli19! I love how it’s semi-autobiographical. Cilla is just the coolest kid and I related to so many of her Struggles. The illustrations by Dana Wulfekotte are just adorbs and capture the story so well. I love everything about this series including:

  • How Cilla references writing and plot devices IN HER LIFE
  • The fact that Cilla wants to be an author extraordinaire
  • All 4 of her grandparents: Grandpa and Grandma Jenkins, Ye Ye and Nai Nai
  • Her little sisters Gwen and Essie
  • Her friends, Colleen, Melissa, and Ben. The supporting cast in this series is pretty solid! I also love the teachers she’s had all three years. It could be pretty hit or miss.
  • The book doesn’t shy away from some of the doubts and uncomfortable situations that Asian-American women face.

So so happy that these books exist. ❤