(Monday) Morning Edition!

What I am reading this week:

  • Travel Guide to Monterey, California! I love Monterey! My dream is to live there one day. I love the central coast and how it’s close to both the water and the forest. I’m excited to go there for my friend @floandcat ‘s reception. It’s just such a peaceful and calm place.
  • Vegan sandwich recipes! I love sandwiches and tbh I’m intrigued by the idea of vegan sandwich fillings. I love tricking myself into eating meat and food that tries to taste like other things 😛 . I love the original versions of these sandwiches, I will definitely be returning to this.
  • Airbnb host kicks out black guests in racist exchange This was so unsettling to watch. It brought up a lot of questions I had already been wondering about. What does it mean to be a minority and person of color, and how do you confront infighting? It might not even be appropriate to call it infighting. As I go deeper into diverse books and supporting all creators, I think back to the people who have supported me and those who have put me down. What if the people putting you down are actually people just like you?
    • When I was teaching, some of the people I’ve had the hardest time with are Asian women. I don’t really know who to share this with because it might be those particular women, and I don’t want to put my own race and gender down. Is there a place to critique people in the groups you belong to, without being “self-hating”? =/
  • Giant cross-stitch! I think my next craft is going to be embroidery. I love meditative crafts like paper cutting, making dumplings, and cross-stitching because it helps me manage anxiety. I also love details and things coming together in the end, so I think this is a very suitable craft for me.
  • I. M. Pei’s obituary I think architecture is a kind of art too. It requires attention to detail, imagination, and it is most definitely a craft. How do architects make their own style and not make something for the sake of standing out, but because it is functional and useful too? I think these design questions help me a lot too, in the career that I am trying to pursue.
  • How to Find a Romance Novel I’m super glad to see that romance is evolving and becoming more inclusive! The thing I like most about it is that it is not written TO be like by the GP, and its somehow confident that readers will find it even if most people don’t. There are a few romance novels that are on my list this summer, and I’m so happy that there is romance for every one <3.

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