Dreamy Meals List!

What do you call the food that appears in your dreams? It is literally dreamy food. I’ve dreamt plenty of times about clothes I don’t own and it was all a fantasy. Fortunately, when food appears in my dreams, they are food I’ve had (or seen on Pinterest/social media/the internet), and I very much hope they will reappear in my life by way of cooking, going to a restaurant, or a Ratatouille situation.

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  • Pasta
    • Butternut squash ravioli (it tastes like fall)
    • Mint, ricotta and lemon caramelle (this is such a cute pasta! it looks like candy)
    • Filipino spaghetti (I am kind of obsessed with sweet pasta)
  • Chinese
    • Potstickers (potstickers are so democratic; you can fill them with anything your heart desires)
    • Scallop lo mein (noodles are my fav carb! I’ll never say no to noodles)
    • Scallion pancakes (this is a Chinese food MUST and I really want to master it)
    • Orange, walnut and dates wonton (it is heavenly and the best dessert)
  • On toast
    • Disclaimer: I’ve not made any of these but that’s why they are DREAM-Y
    • Kimchi, soft-boiled egg, and sesame seeds (I love the Korean twist on it!)
    • Refried beans, salsa, and cilantro (I already know I’d devour this)
    • Goat cheese, strawberries, edamame, and salt (*chef’s kiss*)
  • Indian & Thai
    • Saag paneer (it’s one of my fav dishes!)
    • Chicken tikka masala (chicken tastes good in every cuisine)
    • Cauliflower and chickpea masala
    • Spicy glass noodle salad (SO yummy! I love the spicy twist on salad)
  • Budget meals
    • Spicy tuna guacamole bowl
    • Actually, the longer I look on BudgetBytes the more I realize that dreams, or at least dreamy foods, are attainable.

I will keep on dreaming!