Graphic novels!

Graphic novels are so awesome! I wish they had been around back when I was a student. Graphic novels written just for kids. I love the CatStronauts series by Drew Brockington because it combines so many awesome things: cats, space/NASA, and our world. The author did an interview here about his process. It really is adorable and I’ve been loving the specific crossovers I’m seeing lately! Comics can really bring together people with different interests, and not the traditional reader. As a format, graphic novels are really powerful and I’m excited to see their applications in the classroom.

One such application is using non-fiction graphic novels for informational reading/writing! Drowned City is a GN about Hurricane Katrina, and it was definitely researched and a lot of facts went into the making. It really captures the short span during which the event happened, and I learned a lot about Hurricane Katrina. It would be so great to do a dual-text comparison of this and a news article, interview, or video on the same event. Kind of wish I was a teacher so I could design these kind of lessons!

Graphic novels can also be used for fantasy! Making Scents and Chasma Knights are both partly based in the real world with fantasy elements. Chasma is about a world where toys have power, and Making Scents is about a boy who has dog-like abilities. Graphic novels appeal to kids because a lot of us are visual learners, and as teachers, we are always pairing text with images to help clarify. It makes perfect sense that GNs would help all kinds of readers make sense of the story.

Lastly, I loved Cici’s Journal. It’s a two-part book about an aspiring writer/journalist. Cici discovers an abandoned zoo as well as a library book that has been checked out by the same patron for years. On her quests to uncover these mysteries, she alienates her best friends, her mom, and her mentor. The drawings and mementos are absolutely precious and really bring the story to life. I’ve always loved journal-type books like Amelia and other diary formats. They are so precious to read and to be honest, I’m still that kind of person.

Will you give graphic novels a try? If you are a teacher, might you incorporate GNs into your lessons?