Crafts ground me in difficult times

Job hunting is a tremendously stressful experience and one thing that’s kept me sane throughout this process is crafting/playing instruments. I picked up viola again and I’ve been making a bunch of miniatures.

Networking is very important but applying for jobs ultimately happens online and it’s a numbers game. All your hard work seems to go in a void. It’s so therapeutic to do tactile activities like sewing, sculpting, and playing instruments.

When life feels out of control, it’s gratifying to follow directions, work with what you are given, and have the product come out the way it is supposed to. (The opposite of real life.) I love DIY and recipes because of that. (My theory is that tutorial videos are so satisfying to watch for the same reasons!)

The more time I spend online or in front of a screen, the more fulfilling I find it to do tactile activities. Even doing a yoga pose and touching the grounding is literally, grounding! Sensory experiences are great and I hope I get a job that involves production / consumer products. If I do not, crafts and playing music is still going to be a big part of my life.

I love crafts and creating forever! đź’›

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