Love in many different forms


I started reading some of these in 2019 and haven’t reviewed them because between the end of 2019 and now, I’ve been on survival mode.

Just a few thoughts on love and how it has manifested in my life, and where I will direct it:

  • Playing viola and actually practicing consistently, unlike when I was taking lessons when I was a child. I wasted the opportunity, and I still feel awful about it. There’s a lot to be gained by practicing perpetual motion, scales and the basic Suzuki books, and it could take me a lifetime to master those.
  • Playing Sokoban and struggling with it. It takes me a few days to solve one level, but I like getting closer to the answer. It also helps me get in the mindset of a learner and struggle with something. It is not easy.
  • Being more intentional and mindful.

Sweeping Up the Heart was classic Kevin Henkes! I love his novels because they’re slice-of-life and with big emotional impact. I recently got into making mini clay sculptures, so I loved that the main character here makes little clay rabbits!!! They are so adorable.

Rookie On Love, written by Rookie contributors and editors, was an anthology all about love. I really appreciate how it

I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn was such a sweet book.

My Fate According to the Butterfly by Gail D. Villanueva is like a middle-grade version of The Patron Saint of Nothing. It’s also about Duterte’s war against drugs in the Philippines.

To be completed!

MG novels are thriving across the genres


I’ve been trying to branch out and read other types of books, aside from contemporary/realistic and fantasy. Middle grade is a universe and there is so much of it that I HAVEN’T even touched!!! There’s so many wonderful stories in the backlist and I think it’s worth going back to them to find how just how far kidlit has come in terms of diversity and the variety of stories available to kids now. Continue reading