Love in many different forms


I started reading some of these in 2019 and haven’t reviewed them because between the end of 2019 and now, I’ve been on survival mode.

Just a few thoughts on love and how it has manifested in my life, and where I will direct it:

  • Playing viola and actually practicing consistently, unlike when I was taking lessons when I was a child. I wasted the opportunity, and I still feel awful about it. There’s a lot to be gained by practicing perpetual motion, scales and the basic Suzuki books, and it could take me a lifetime to master those.
  • Playing Sokoban and struggling with it. It takes me a few days to solve one level, but I like getting closer to the answer. It also helps me get in the mindset of a learner and struggle with something. It is not easy.
  • Being more intentional and mindful.

Sweeping Up the Heart was classic Kevin Henkes! I love his novels because they’re slice-of-life and with big emotional impact. I recently got into making mini clay sculptures, so I loved that the main character here makes little clay rabbits!!! They are so adorable.

Rookie On Love, written by Rookie contributors and editors, was an anthology all about love. I really appreciate how it

I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn was such a sweet book.

My Fate According to the Butterfly by Gail D. Villanueva is like a middle-grade version of The Patron Saint of Nothing. It’s also about Duterte’s war against drugs in the Philippines.

To be completed!

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