Dipangkorn, I Am Your Father

There are so many rumors surrounding Prince Dipangkorn, the only son of Vajiralongkorn and Srirasmi. His father is the king and his mother is under house arrest. He is going to school in Germany. There are rumors that he has autism. No one really knows the facts and it can’t be known.

I am concerned that Dipangkorn, 14,  is being raised by a monster. If your only caretaker is using you, you have no one in your corner. Despite being an heir presumptive, Dipangkorn has no advocate.

Some questions I have:

  • Why is he keeping Dipangkorn, unlike the sons from his previous divorce?
  • Why did he separate Dipangkorn from his mother?
  • Is it true that Vajiralongkorn is using his son for HIV treatments?
  • Will Dipangkorn succeed his father?
  • Will he ever realize what his father did to his mother and grandparents?

Since there is no official info about any of this, whether inside or outside of Thailand, a lot of my research happens on social media. I am sharing what people are saying on social media and inferring.

I hope one day, lese majeste is no longer and that people can openly talk about this.


After Dipangkorn was born on April 29, 2005, his mother Srirasmi was officially acknowledged as a princess. Sources say that there was gender selection and IVF involved because Vajiralongkorn needed a male heir. Some say that Srirasmi had had a daughter, but had to get an abortion. “In due course, Dipangkorn was born.”

Vajiralongkorn with his newborn son, Dipangkorn (2005)

The most ghastly rumor is that Vajiralongkorn is using his son to treat his own HIV via bone marrow or blood transfusions. Of course, the palace is never going to confirm whether the king has HIV or not, but the Wikileaks cables reference that. It is true that both father and son live in Germany now, and even if they were receiving medical treatment, no one could know.

In any case, Dipangkorn’s birth matters a great deal because Vajiralongkorn now has a male heir. He actually has four grown sons from his previous marriage to Sujarinee Vivacharawongse. He disowned them and his ex-wife is in exile. Dipangkorn is the only official male heir now. Queen Sirikit had wanted someone from her family line to succeed, but she and Bhumibol acknowledge Dipangkorn.


In keeping with his character, Vajiralongkorn abandoned his wife and son not long after to spend time in Germany with his mistresses. Meanwhile Srirasmi and Dipangkorn were appearing in events and royal duties in Thailand.


There are many mother-and-son pictures during Dipangkorn’s childhood. It isn’t hard to notice that Vajiralongkorn is not here, except for major events like Dipangkorn’s birthday, like the video below. (Only after the divorce do the father-and-son pictures come out.)

However, it all came to an end in 2014, when Vajiralongkorn divorced Srirasmi.  He separated her from their son. You can see the heartbreaking pictures here.


It’s been said Dipangkorn has special needs, possibly autism, and that makes him unsuitable to be king. (However, if Vajiralongkorn can be king, is there any standard at all?) Some even suggest that Diapngkorn being “flawed” is one of the reasons for Srirasmi’s divorce.

It begs the question: If Dipangkorn is not going to become the crown prince, why did he separate Dipangkorn from his mother? You would not put the grandparents, uncles and mother of a future king in jail. Yet, that is exactly what Vajiralongkorn did, very viciously.

Dipangkorn’s maternal grandparents / Srirasmi’s parents going to jail, per Vajiralongkorn’s orders (2015)


  1. Vajiralongkorn is using his son for his own medical treatments.
  2. He is keeping Dipangkorn so that Srirasmi doesn’t have any leverage. Basically, using his son as hostage, in case Srirasmi ever speaks out or has people behind her.
  3. He is intentionally cruel and has a history of separating kids from their mothers. (Sirivannavari is not with her mom or brothers. Koi’s mom and sisters have disappeared.)
  4. He might actually care for his son.

I wanted to explore the rumor that Dipangkorn has autism. No one knows, and just like Vajiralongkorn’s HIV status, it is something that the palace would never confirm. An interesting thing is that Ubolratana, aka Vajiralongkorn’s older sister, had a son who is autistic, and she publicly acknowledged it. Poom Jensen passed away in 2004 in a tsunami, and it’s said that Vajiralongkorn had found his nephew’s body.

Poom Jensen with his mother, (Princess) Ubolratana (early 2000s)

I think it’s worth talking about how people see autism and special needs, especially when it comes to the royal family. During Bhumibol’s time, the royal family was seen as god-like and of course LM protects that view. (Literally, you never look at royalty in the eye.) Of course they are human, and Ubolratana shows that. Foreigners may discuss Dipangkorn’s condition and what might mean, but these conversations are never to be had in Thailand publicly. One commenter said:

Having autism doesn’t mean Dipangkorn can’t be king. In fact it would be a positive step in challenging prejudice and ignorance about this misunderstood condition.


Occasionally, there will be pictures of Vajiralongkorn and Dipangkorn doing activities together in Germany. However, it’s not convincing that he actually cares for his son, or anyone at all for that matter. It appears that Vajiralongkorn is using his son for photo ops and to humanize himself.

Dipangkorn has not been seen with his mother since 2014, though sources say that they have contact. Dipangkorn lives and goes to school in Germany. Occasionally, he appears in events in Thailand. He is pictured with his half-sisters, but never with his mom now.

As far as we know, Nui and Vajiralongorn don’t have any children. Regardless, I am more curious about Dipangkorn’s wellbeing than whether he becomes king or not.

He had spent most of his childhood with his mother, who has been tormented by his father. He has no grandparents to speak of (Bhumibol is dead, Sirikit is not available, Wantanee is said to have died from heartbreak, and Apiruj is ill and in Ratchaburi.)

Despite being a potential heir, Dipangkorn has no advocate.


Vajiralongkorn hasn’t shown that he takes care of anyone in his life. His daughters princess Pat and Siri seem to be doing fine, but it doesn’t erase all the horrible things he has done to their mothers.

  • Soamsawali: He used lese majeste against her.
  • Sucharinee: He accused her of an affair and exiled her.
  • Srirasmi: He destroyed her life and her entire family.
  • Suthida: He married a concubine while she is queen.
  • Koi: He destroyed her house and disappeared her family.

EXCEPT, he seems to care about Dipangkorn. 

When something out-of-character occurs, we should ask why. But even if he loves Dipangkorn, he STILL took him away from his mother and is punishing her for no reason. What effect does that have on a child? What effect will it have on him, when Dipangkorn grows up and realizes what his dad has done to his mom?

Let’s take a look at the worst case scenario: He grows up among royalists and is raised by Vajiralongkorn, and becomes like his evil father.

We don’t know what Dipangkorn will become, but the fact that only Vajiralongkorn can control his life and the narrative around it is concerning.

3 thoughts on “Dipangkorn, I Am Your Father

  1. It’s a good article. I like your 4 theories concerning the Vajiralongkorn–Dipangkorn relationship. We have to admit we don’t know much but it’s refreshing to see someone thinking out loud about the situation. I also like your quote that maybe we shouldn’t consider that a disability disqualifies Dipangkorn from being King. If only this were really only a ceremonial role, it wouldn’t matter, and a regent could help him with his duties.


  2. When I first saw the pictures of Dipangkorn I thought that he had a disability like Down Syndrome, because they share very similar facial features. Perhaps autism does run in the family due to genetics. And is there a more sinister reason why Vajiralongkorn was the person who found Poom Jensen’s body? Finally, why would Vajiralongkorn favour this son (especially one who is rumoured to have disabilities) over the rest that he disowned because of their mother? Vajiralongkorn dislikes all their mothers equally, and him separating Dipangkorn from his mother proves that point. He gives no fucks about that woman. It pushes forth the theory that Dipangkorn is the only suitable cell donor for *HIV* or whatever condition Vajiralongkorn has, probably from his Casanova lifestyle. That’s why they’re secluded in Germany together so much. It makes me feel sad that royalty like these exist to scupper the wealth of Thailand that should belong to the people. At least the Queen of England brings in tourism money.

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