Shadowscapes Day 2: Queen of Swords

Today’s card is Queen of Swords.

I wanted to find out what I should do today so I was asking that question as I shuffled and drew a card. The Queen of Swords is very me! I identify strongly with what Shadowscapes Companion says about her:

“With Her Blade, the Queen of Swords slices through lies and deceptions to the heart of truth. She has gazed within and knows that when she turns her eyes to a mirror, the reflection is exactly what it should be, and the light that shines within her soul blazes bright in the glass.”

What stands out the most to me in the picture are the purple dragon lilies that stand for inner strength. I will draw on my strength, seek and send out truth to the world, and let it come back to me.

Shadowscapes writing prompts — The cards will tell

In the summer of 2012, my friend Coryell gave me a deck of tarot cards called Shadowscapes. I’ve never really practiced tarot since then. A month ago, I joined a virtual writing group that meets on Monday nights, and we usually do two writing prompts and read each other our responses. I’ve been in a reflective mood and wanting to process everything that is going on, and I thought of using the tarot cards as a tool.

Next Monday, I will be leading the writing session based on tarot cards!

I also want to get more familiar with the deck myself, so I’m committing to waking up and drawing a single card to see what I need today and why I’m feeling this way. I will be sharing my writing here because I want to use it as a writing exercise as well.

Here is today’s: XV The Devil

Wow! That a scary one to start with. I have been feeling very afraid. According to Shadowscapes Companion, the card means “losing independence, overindulgence, choosing to stay in the dark. Feeling hopelessness close in and limit the options.”

When I look closely at the card, I see a woman whose wrists are chained to a cave, and the key is right above her, if only she would look up. She actually isn’t trapped because the world is open to her on either side. I feel like that sometimes because I can be very focused on one thing that I forget to look up and see that I can be free.

On the other hand, I feel read by the way the card says I am overindulging. Because I am. I have been treating myself to boba too often and I really have no reason to. I wonder if that counts as a drinking habit. I also definitely feel hopeless by collective and individual things. I feel a sense of despair, like how in the picture, the devil is tap dancing on the walls. Seeing what I have seen the past two weeks—it’s just harrowing. I am in a time of my life when I feel like I am wrestling with the devil but I am confident that I can break through because I have gotten away from the devil before.