Shadowscapes Day 4: Five of Cups

Today’s card is Five of Cups.

I wanted to ask for inspiration when I drew the card. This is the first card I drew from the Minor Arcana, and before I read Shadowscapes Companion‘s description of it, I want to look at the picture to see what I notice.

It’s a beautiful card! I love how water is flowing all around. There are five cups in the picture (obviously) and the body of water she is standing is made up of little figures! It’s like people are supporting her. She’s gazing into the goldfish in the bowl, and water fairies are standing behind her, while a fairy stands in front of her, seeming to ask her about something. She doesn’t notice because she is looking at the fishbowl.

The book says the Five of Cups “wallows in regret and loss. It is a rejection of pleasure, feeling sorrow, and wishing for what might have been.” THIS IS TOTALLY WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW! I have felt so much sadness, cried so many tears, and just felt grief lately. Seeing teachers return to school has been especially hard this month because I feel like I’ve fallen behind my peers who are now in their sixth year of teaching, and I also remember what a hard time I had working in schools.

So to sum up, I do feel inspired by water: the grief that I feel, and the small signs of support that are around me. I feel inspired by the water fairies.

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