Shadowscapes Day 6: Page of Wands

Today’s card is Page of Wands.

I love that the Page of Wands is playing a string instrument! Wands has to do with activities and projects, and I am embarking on a few right now.

“She may be a teacher, eager to pass on that kernel of knowledge that she possesses. She is the fiery spark of initiative, inventive, and she dares you to do and not only sit there with mute desire. Action is what is important. Can you hear her song ringing in your ears?”

This card is totally what I am about right now! One, I am literally playing a string instrument (viola) again. Two, I feel like getting back into teaching, writing and creating. Three, I know that “the actions that push you to the limits of comfort are the most rewarding.” I am thinking about doing just that right now.

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