Shadowscapes Day 7: Eight of Cups

Today’s card is Eight of Cups.

Wow, I love this card. She’s a headlight-fish mermaid diving into the depths of the sea with seven cups around her, and she’s holding one.

“Now is the time to let go and allow all the weariness to ripple away from you and fade into the waves.”

Coryell, my friend who gave me this deck, actually loves mermaids. I do too, and the ocean and idea of diving deep into something has also appealed to me. I love how flowing things feel around her because our world rarely feels like that. In fact, if the world was a body of water, it’d be a stormy and turbulent tsunami, or a struggling creek. But here, the water is swaying, almost still, and it’s the perfect opportunity to see.

(I wrote this at the end of the day rather than at the beginning!)