Shadowscapes Day 9: Five of Wands

Today’s card is Five of Wands.

“When gathered together, these minor obstructions become an overwhelming wall to overcome, but take heart and let the adrenaline awaken body and mind to rise to the challenge. Answer that challenge not with despair but with renewed vigor. Appreciate the unknown strengths that are drawn forth when faced with difficulties.”

Five projects I need to complete:

  1. Swag website – write copy
  2. Mochi magazine – edit articles
  3. Rising Leaders – finish application
  4. Stop the Recall – make calls
  5. Sister District – make calls

Not to mention projects I want to do for myself:

  1. Write and submit books reviews
  2. Draw comics
  3. Memorize songs on viola
  4. Make psych ward greeting cards

It really speaks to me that these are hard to do and take a lot of energy. But I believe in myself. There’s going to be a lot of obstacles but I am confident that I can overcome them. I hope I get my new CalOptima insurance card soon so I can start subbing, and I pray that I get the adult teaching job.

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