Shadowscapes Day 11: Justice

Today’s card is Justice.

I drew a major arcana card again! Justice is portrayed as a woman holding a scale, and the motif here is butterflies. She’s standing on the knotty branches of a tree.

I don’t really know how Justice applies to my life right now because I’m not personally in a situation where I’m seeking it. However, justice is one of my core values. I don’t really believe in “blind,” “impartial” justice because I think you need the full set of facts, context and “totality of circumstances” to judge–justice is anything but blind. It requires open eyes and it works best in the dark.

Anyway, I’m talking a lot like Lillian from Nothing to See Here. Justice rarely works out that way in real life. When it does, it’s an exception.

“She stands for karma. The souls gathered in the butterflies hover near, and she bears the feather close to her heart, like a sword.”

I do believe that soft things like feathers can be very powerful!