Shadowscapes Day 12: Eight of Swords

Today’s card is Eight of Swords.

According to the book, “It is easy to freeze up in a crisis–to feel restricted, confused, powerless, and trapped by circumstances–but there is always a way out if you take a moment to breathe and reassess.”

The swam is trapped in the briar patch. There’s a witch above, directing the thorns. A hummingbird urges the swan to be calm. I love this image because it shows that when you get bogged down in a thorny situation, the first reaction is to panic, because of course you want to get out. When I was teaching, I often felt that way. I froze when something went unexpectedly, and the situation escalated into a crisis.

As I think about subbing and going into the classroom again, I have to keep in mind to slow down, breathe and reassess for the next best step.