I love menstruating!

It’s true — menstruating is a pain, but I also like it.

I got my period when I was 12 or 13. It’s a pain. There was a time in high school when it was so bad I had to go to the health office then go home. (I never ask to go home, so it was that bad.) There have been several times when I bled through my pants. Having to be discrete and hide that I’m menstruating and have a pad is annoying.

But I also love having blood and tissue literally flow out of me, and no one aorund me knows about it! It feels like a super power in a way. It’s like holding on to a secret, a very wet and crampy one!

I also appreciate periods because it’s my body’s way of calling attention to itself — only, attention from me, not anyone else. The cramps are nagging me to hold my stomach, the migraines are reminding me to step off the computer, and the swelling is reminding me that my body changes. It doesn’t mean I look good or bad. In short, PMS forces me to be present instead of being in my head so much.

When I’m not menstruating, my belly is still full of blood. It’s really amazing to think that my body has so much blood in it, and it manages to refill itself all the time. My body works really hard to keep me going, and I appreciate it! I’m really glad I have a high-functioning body, and I know it won’t always be this way. I will get more and more disabled over time — we all do.

The other thing about menstruating is that it makes me think about sex. Every period is a sign that I am not pregnant. Also, I haven’t been having sex, nor have I been pregnant, so sometimes it feels like my body is working really hard to prepare for a baby when it doesn’t need to be. I’m still really thankful that I have a uterus and amazed at what my body can do. But menstruating can be taxing because I’m capable of doing less during my period.

That’s why I’m taking a few days off.

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