Swampy worlds

Emily Windsnap and the Monster from the Deep – I love fantasy so it is no surprise that I would read a series about a girl adjusting to her life as a mermaid and dealing with bullies, ha.

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters – This concludes the series in the most awesome way. I love the sisters! and the swampy setting. Miri is my role model because she is a teacher, friend, and just a strong girl in so many ways.

Just Grace Goes Green – Grace tackles Earth Day! I love all the recycling ideas. I just might have to finish this series too.

In a Glass Grimmly -I believe I read the second book in the trilogy before The Grimm Conclusion. They are equally awesome and gory, and it is clear the Gidwitz believes in the power of children and loves telling stories.

Real fantasies

Star wars: Jedi Academy – I’ve seen these Star Wars diary/graphic novels around and I decided to pick one up because it does seem cute. It’s like baby Star Wars! This was fun because it’s a Jedi when he is in middle school. A fun read.

The Grimm Conclusion – I liked The Inquisitor’s Tale and I like the Grimm series too. It’s gory, gruesome, and awesome!!!!! Fairy tales come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, don’t they?

Just Grace, Star on Stage – I think of it as the girl version of Alvin Ho. I get a glimpse into the lives and concerns of an elementary school student 😛

Full of Beans – Jennifer Holm does a good job with voice, tone, and characters in her stories. The kid here has a lot of verve and snap! (Wow I sound like a salesman here.)