Inspiration: Think.Make.Share.

I found the perfect blog for me! It’s a blog from the creative studios at Hallmark called Think.Make.Share. I’ve spent hours looking over every single section/link and it is honestly my dream come true! There are so many things I want to make from there. I’m making a list so that I remember:

More to come!




I really love all things DIY and I keep finding inspiration for them. These are some of my favorites.

  • Hallmark has a wonderful blog called Think.Make.Share. I want to do everything on here! I will be reading this blog all the time.
  • Oh so beautiful paper has a DIY section that’s perfect for papercrafts.
  • Babble has a DIY section that’s geared towards parents but great for gifts.
  • The Creative Independent has amazing guides on balancing daily life and creating.

A creative hobby that ties together the things I love–writing, drawing, sharing, and having an opinion–is zines!!! I had heard about them before. Now is the time to make one! Here are some resources I’ve gathered about making zines:

Excited to embark on my zine adventure!

Small presses rule!

It’s been so much fun doing research for my Etsy shop. I love small presses/studios because their cards are unique, and I love whimsy! I found many inspiring shops today. Hopefully, I can join their ranks one day.

Here are a few small presses I have come across and loved:

  • Trendspotting @ Oh so beautiful paper – This is exactly what I was looking for! It might be fun to go back to some of the trends that have already passed, such as winking eyes. I still love them!
  • The Good Twin – I absolutely love her designs!
  • Pencil JoyThis card speaks to my life. I love their illustrations!
  • – I love their focus on mental health and joy.
  • Red Cap Cards – I love how they’re an artist collective.
  • Ramona & Ruth – Unique and minimalist cards based in Omaha, NE!
  • Odd Daughter Paper Co – I love this company! It really is perfect and unique.
  • Worthwhile Paper – I really love this too. I love simple and clean designs.
  • Our Heiday – I love that this was started by Asian-American sisters!

There are many business lessons to learn. For example:

  • Naming products – Simple is best.
  • Pricing products – It must be valuable to customers.
  • Writing product descriptions – Again, simple may be best.
  • Making it easy for shoppers – Menus, bundles, etc.
  • Categorizing products – It’s all about occasions and seasons!
  • Offering choices and variety – The more the better. I believe in custom designs.
  • Offering compelling design – There were times I saw a card, such as the book case one, and I immediately wanted it! I want people to have the same experience when shopping at my store.

This is such a great project and learning experience for me!

Design trends #1

For my Etsy shop, I’ve been spotting trends and thinking of how to incorporate them into my greeting cards. I’m learning how to create each of these designs and these are the online source I’ve referred to:

  1. Galaxies
  2. Marble pattern
  3. Monstera leaf
  4. Watercolor
  5. Emojis
  6. Avocado
  7. Letterboard

There are so many great resources and tutorials online! Some other design trends/themes I’m interested in recreating are:

  • Gems and geostones
  • Fast food: burgers, tacos, pizza
  • Animals – ocean animals, woodland critters, pets!
  • Movies, such as Moonrise KingdomUp, with a lot theming
  • Activism & empowerment
  • People/diversity: action shots, tribal prints, body types
  • Daily life: electronics, social media, slang
  • Wildflowers and plants!
  • Cutie kablooies: combinations of all of those things!

It’s really exciting to create things! I love it.