Personal struggles

img_1194It took me the longest time to finish these 5 books but I loved every single one of them. I think my favorite here are Save Me a Seat and Lucky Broken Girl. Beautiful covers! I loved the dual perspectives in Save Me a Seat. Both authors captured what it is like to be struggling in school for different reasons– because you are embarassed your mom is the noon duty supervisor, or because you are the new Indian kid with the strangest lunch and you can’t eat meat. You can struggle because you are average, or struggle because you stand out. There really is no winning in middle school! This is what I love about middle grade novels. They capture a weird time in your life, and if we are being honest we are all just bigger middle schoolers!

I loved Lucky Broken Girl because it is a beautiful book about immigrants, and it captures how a girl feels when she is stuck in a cast and can’t live her life. (You’ll notice I use the word “capture” a lot because that is what I think books do. They capture a slice of life or even better, inner thoughts, on paper.) It’s a really inspring book! I love the description of New York too.

Becoming Madeleine was a biography I’d been looking forward to reading because I recently got into A Wrinkle Time quintet. Despite who she may have been, I really admire Madeleine L’Engle for her imagination and strong will. It couldn’t have been easy to be different and to have such a strong conviction on life as a woman back then, and now. I’ll continue reading Madeleine’s work.

I just realized that You Go First also has dual perspectives, like Save Me a Seat! Can I just say I love Isabel Roxas’s covers? When I get rich I’m buying prints of my fav book covers and putting them all over my place. I love the nerdy boy and nerdy girls’ online friendship. I didn’t relate to it quite so much as Kelly’s other books, but as a 12-year-old this would’ve been like my diary.

Last but not least, I finally read All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook! It was amazing/a slow burn/special. It’s one of a kind! I loved all the characters in it-the inmates, Perry, the adoptive family, Perry’s mom. There is so much strength in this book. đŸ’ȘđŸŒ

From these 5 books I’ve learned to honor each person’s struggles and to believe in our own inner strength. Because we are all much stronger than we appear to be.

Summer is coming!


I loved all 5 of these books!!!!! I’m super behind on my book reviews, as I read these a month ago at the beginning of summer. (today = 7/12/18) Hello, Universe was an easy read that reminded me of The Wild Robot, it reads kind of fable-like. I loved the characters and how quirky the fortune teller was. I read a ton of middle grade novels and sometimes I think we are all just 6th graders in different bodies – still vulnerable, confused, and wanting to fit in and gain the approval of our peers. I will read all of your books, Erin Entrada Kelly!

The book that kicked off my days off would be Leila Howland’s The Forget-Me-Not Summer. A reviewer  described it has “beach read for kids” which is accurate and has me wanting to read all genre fics for tweens. (True crime for tweens! Mysteries for tweens! Chick lit for tweens!) I loved the three sisters and their summer adventures with Aunt Sunny. It is so cozy and summery and fun.

Two reliable authors whose whole middle grade bibliography I plan to read: Jason Reynolds and Carl Hiaasen. They are amazing writers who have really got the young teens world down. They do a great job of capturing how young adults in challenging situations think, what they go through, and why they take the actions they take. I can’t say that I relate to or even know any kids in real life who are like these characters , but I like to think that reading about their point of view helps me broaden my perspectives. I highly recommend Patina and Flush!

Lastly, Polly Horvath. I’ve read a lot of her books and I think her most recent ones, meaning the ones written after 2010, are better. Some of her previous books are just too bizarre, but I liked The Night Garden because it has her quirky nonsense but also some fantasy/historical elements. I enjoyed all of these books!