Overcoming a fear doesn’t feel that great sometimes

I have been thinking about fear . It’s probably the biggest theme of my life the past few years. I’ve thought about it in terms of speaking out, but there is also another kind of fear. It’s plain phobia and it can feel symbolic–will you overcome it? Are you a brave person? But what if overcoming doesn’t matter as much you think it does?

I haven’t seen a lot of writing on this topic so I was glad to come across this one. Continue reading

Overcoming roller coasters!

Today I overcame one of my fears! I went to Knott’s Berry Farm by myself. I have wanted to go for a while ever since I went with my then boyfriend Ray last spring. I felt bad that because I was scared or had bad experiences, I didn’t want to go on a ride with him. (It was Supreme Scream.) Since then, I pass by the park on my way to work and back every day. The tall drop tower seems to remind me that fear of heights and roller coasters is something I need to overcome.

Well, today I did it!!! I thought that going to a theme park by myself would be strange or boring, but it turned out fine. Weirdly, I’ve seen my former students there the last two times I went. That also brought up other emotions that are hard to explain. Maybe in the future I will explain it. Anyway, I rode the rides in this order:

  1. Silver Bullet
  2. Ghost Rider
  3. La Revolucion
  4. Pirate Ship
  5. Supreme Scream (twice!)
  6. Silver Bullet

The whole time I was thinking, I need to go on Supreme Scream, I need to. This is the ride that I came to overcome and redeem myself! I think I can do it now. But after I rode it I did feel kind of dizzy. Well, now that I have a season pass I can go as often as I want, and it’s pretty close! I just might become a theme park addict. Maybe someday I will be able to tackle the rides at Six Flags.

Here is to a year of overcoming your fears, wrestling with insecurities, and honoring yourself and what is important to you.